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"We chose Valley Christian High School for our son, Christopher Jr., and our two daughters, Christina and Annalisa, for the same reasons: the academics are challenging, the faculty is exceptional, and the learning environment is excellent." (VC parent)

 "Our daughter, Alexa, transferred in as a junior. Attending Valley has been an amazing experience for her spiritually, academically, and socially. The staff is amazing and we are totally impressed with Valley Christian." (VC parent)

 "We were looking for a school that would help get our kids into college, but the fact that it was a Christian school is a blessing. It helped them integrate their faith into their lives and helped them make a commitment that they want to continue growing into, even into adulthood." (VC parent)

"When we were looking at schools, we heard that Valley Christian people are 'a bunch of rich people, they're snooty people, they care about the labels on their jeans and their telephones,' etc. But we have found Valley to be a very warm place, and we haven't had any issues of people snubbing our kids because they aren't rich. It's just been a wonderful environment, they've gotten a great education, and we've made great friends with great quality people. It's been an excellent school!" (VC parent)

"What I like about the school is that my children are getting a quality education in a good environment. I don't have to worry about gangs or thugs! It's a clean environment, a quality environment." (VC parent)

"In the Leadership class both junior and senior year, I learned about the nuances of peer leadership… this taught me how to be a humble, considerate leader. The purpose of the class is to develop a Godly leadership style based on the character traits taught in the Bible. Now, at the Naval Academy, I have endless opportunities to be a humble leader by having a positive, hard-working attitude that honors the Lord and shows my peers how much I love God and care about others." (VC student)

"The teachers really show God through themselves, and they truly care, and will do anything to help the students. Yes, there are strong academics but it's also more about building character. We're trying to be what we really are, rather than trying to be the best at everything." (VC student)

"My son's Bible teacher did a FANTASTIC job teaching the most important subject, Bible. She was extremely creative, allowed the students to ask penetrating questions, taught solid doctrine, gave students opportunities to lead devotions, and critiqued current music and other cultural things from a Biblical world view. She prayed for the students, and encouraged and challenged them in their faith. She even went above and beyond; when our son had surgery, she had the students write notes of encouragement and brought them over to our house on her own time!" (VC parent)

"One of my favorite memories in all of my community service experiences was the Child Aid Foundation. At CAF, I went for the first time and every child looked at me like a stranger… but they were bubbling with curiosity. After the first day's dance practice, the kids became a lot more comfortable with me… the second day, when I walked into CAF, everyone was laughing, smiling and waving, saying ‘Hi, Akka!' meaning ‘Hi, sister!' I was overjoyed to hear them call me sister and really felt a part of the close-knit family they have there at Child Aid." (VC student)

"I never take this school for granted. The teachers are always there for me, and they want me to do well—not just in every class I'm in, but also spiritually." (VC student)

"Both of my daughters have told me they are better people for coming through a private, Christian school. They insist that they are more grounded in their faith, personhood and maturity. They are very grateful to their dad and I for the opportunity to come here." (VC parent)

"I serve not out of a commitment to fulfill community service hours, but because I have a passion to invest in others and use my gifts to share with them the joy that God has given me. Working alongside modern day abolitionists who are fighting modern day slavery and human trafficking here in the Bay Area has opened up my eyes to local needs—needs that we overlook or pretend only exist abroad." (VC student)

"Valley Christian is three things to me: it's Christ-driven, it's got a commitment to our students, and it has a great sense of community." (VC parent)


"The academics have been outstanding. Probably half of the classes my daughter took were honors and AP classes, and she is at a top university now (UC Berkeley). She keeps thanking me for how prepared she was to go into that difficult school… I credit Valley for the preparation she needed to get to that point in her life." (VC parent)

 "There are strong academics, but the school is also more about building character; kids are trying to be what they are becoming, rather than trying to be the best at everything." (VC student)

"I feel prepared for college. The teachers want you to master the material. And they want you to succeed in life, not just in college." (VC student)

"To me, attending Valley Christian means having the best education you can. I always hear my friends talking about how they don’t like their teachers or their school, but that never happens at our school. We have really good teachers that really care about us, and they want us to have the best education we can." (VC student)

 "I have gained much-needed experience in various forms of communication: including giving formal presentations, writing persuasive essays and reports, and delegating tasks to team members. These business and interpersonal skills that I am developing will help me not only currently but also throughout my future college and career life." (VC student)

"The teachers are really there to help; everyone says that but it’s true. If I ever ask a teacher if I can come in and make up a test, or if I need to talk about my grade, or if I just want to come in and talk about my day, 99% of them will be in their classroom before school, after school, and during break. They’re there to help you." (VC student)


AMSE Institute

"One invaluable skill I learned [at VCHS] was Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Having prior experience in CAD has given me a slight competitive advantage over my peers as an undergrad engineering student. When a friend asks, "How do you chamfer the edges of this solid?" I just can't help but thank the Applied Math, Science, and Engineering (AMSE) Institute for all of the pre-college experience it has bestowed upon its students." (VC alumnus)

"I discovered my love for Biotechnology, and have added that to one of the majors I am interested in pursuing in college. Being part of the Nanotechnology Club has gifted me with skills I would never get outside of Valley Christian. Valley Christian is one of the only high schools in the world to have two Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs), which can be used at the nanotechnology level. After being trained on the AFM, I feel that I have been opened up to a whole new world of science, which will become the future of technology." (VC student)

"My favorite memory is working on the International Space Station project (ISS project) my first year. It was so amazing to learn so many new skills, such as building an experiment from scratch, along with the fact that we would be the first group of high school students in the world to send a quad experiment into space. My favorite part of the whole experiment was at the end, when our team went to Cal Poly SLO. Five of my teammates and I presented our findings and results to some of the most influential professors, scientists and CEOs in the science, math, and engineering world! That was definitely an amazing moment." (VC student)

Conservatory of the Arts

"I'm double minoring in music and visual arts. There are so many opportunities to do both; I don't have to choose one over the other. And together, they have helped me really understand what music is." (VC student)

"The Dance Department here really means a lot to me, because dance is my passion. I've really learned since coming to Valley that dance is really a form of worship… I never thought about that before I came here, and I am just in awe of that. My coach and my teacher here are not just striving to make me a dance person, but also someone who can spread God's Word through my dancing. It's incredible!" (VC student)

"I've been involved as a parent with the Marching Band. They are just an incredible group of parents—they are so friendly and so ready to help. They care so much about the children. It's like a really big family with 100 kids in the Marching Band." (VC parent)

"I'm the drum major and the field major; we're actually participating in the Tournament of Roses Parade this year in the Rose Parade, which will be viewed all over the world. We were chosen from all these different bands that applied, and we're playing with the Chinese Band from School 57 in Beijing!" (VC student)


"A real highlight for me was winning the CIF/CCS baseball championship my senior year. It feels great to say that I threw a no-hitter in my last high school game to win the championship I had been looking forward to for four years! But I have also learned that athletics is another way of worshipping God and that hopefully I can inspire my teammates… or anyone I can reach out to, so that they can also know Him." (VC student)

"I think the most important thing I've learned in VCHS athletics is the athletics theme of my freshman year. The theme was servanthood. It taught me a lot about being a servant to God and to my teammates. Being the person to carry water, or whatever is necessary to help out, really helps build character, and also betters relationships with other players and coaches. I went on to become a co-founder of the school's SOCKs club. This is a club where we volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House, bringing activities to kids and their families recovering from cancer." (VC student)

"I have learned time management and God has shown me in so many ways that hard work and dedication will always bring you success, even if you don't always win. VC's Athletics Department has been so supportive in always making sure that I was settled in, confident, and comfortable in every overnight trip and situation that I was in. Through these sports and through this department, God has opened so many doors and paths for me that I would not otherwise have been able to see." (VC student)

"I compete in our basketball and track & field programs. I love being an athlete, but I also love reporting football and basketball games. Over my years at Valley Christian, I have been heavily involved in the communications department. I try to cover as many games as I can during the year for our school newspaper. But I have also learned that practicing with the team isn't enough. You owe it to your teammates and spectators to practice on your own to get better and work on the weakness to your individual game." (VC student)

"Our varsity basketball team every year stays overnight in our gymnasium, playing basketball and bonding all through the night. The next morning we wake up early to run hills, and at the top of the mountain we talk about our goals and aspirations for the year. The sports program at Valley Christian truly works to establish the importance of character. The program takes young men and instills them with the values of hard work, discipline, punctuality, selflessness, and service. While these values are evident in players on the basketball team, these values translate to success in our lives off the court, with our families, friends, and in our communities." (VC student)

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